About MAW

Mediation Awareness Week, 7th to 14th October 2017, will highlight the benefits of mediation and the opportunity it offers to resolve conflict right across our society. During this week, mediators from community groups, professional bodies, educational establishments, public bodies and family interest groups will give their time voluntarily to help the Irish public understand what mediation is and the important role it can play in resolving disputes between individuals, businesses and community organisations.

Mediation Awareness Week opens on Saturday 7th October. Over 30 events will take place throughout Ireland.

About Mediation

Mediation is a successful and cost-effective alternative to going to Court. It saves time, money and important relationships. Mediators do not make decisions or judgments, instead they quickly and expertly help people in conflict to reach their own agreement together. Mediation Awareness Week will highlight the benefits of this highly effective process and the opportunity it offers to resolve conflict right across our society.

Mediation Sectors

            • Commercial 
            • Civil
            • Workplace
            • Family 
            • Community
            • Elder
            • Online Dispute Resolution
            • Restorative Justice.

Challenges for Mediation 

The biggest challenge for mediation is that people are generally not aware of its existence and when they are aware, there is misunderstanding. The sole objective of Mediation Awareness Week is to grow awareness, knowledge and use of mediation right across the island of Ireland

Some Images From Last Years Event

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