What You Can Do

In an effort to raise awareness about the value and importance of mediation in society right across the Island of Ireland we are calling on all mediation organisations, associations, non-profits, private panels, educational institutions and supporters and advocates of mediation to assist in the following ways :-

  • Organise and promote an open public event within Mediation Awareness Week. This can be a discussion group, a presentation, a demonstration, free consultations, a public gathering – whatever suits you best and is likely to be of general interest. It might also be an article in your local newspaper or a speaking slot on your local radio station.

  • Notify us of the time, date and venue for the event as well as its title, content and guest speakers for inclusion in our Calendar. Please get back to us no later than Friday 8th September.

  • Notify all persons linked with your organisation about Mediation Awareness Week.

  • If you know of other organisations or individuals that could be included on our database, please let us know. You must ask for their permission.

  • Publicise your event, as well as Mediation Awareness Week, in whatever way you can.

  • Gather in the support of local public figures, business people, media and celebrities.

  • Do not incur any costs. Call on the support of friends, colleagues, businesses, supporters and advocates of mediation. Most people will give their time or the use of a room freely.

  • If you have any good ideas to make this week a success, please share them with us.